Register, activate, use FS Earth, WidevieW, Key2Mouse, Key2LAN, QuickGOTO and FS SmartVIEW



FS Earth, WidevieW, Key2Mouse, Key2LAN, QuickGOTO and FS SmartVIEW are fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but keep in mind that they need to copy files into c:\windows (or the folder where Windows is installed into) throughout the installation and registration / activation process, and they also need to output files into own installation folder while the software is running. Please proceed as indicated below:

In case of errors 1010 and 1011 (Error while installing application main engine)
In case options aren't saved or no aircraft is displayed in Google Earth
IPX Protocol and WidevieW / Widetraffic

It is strongly advised to install the programs and use them only while you are logged as system administrator!

- In case of errors #1010 and 1011 (Error while installing application main engine):

This problem was fixed in the followings programs:

- FS Earth version 4.2 or greater
- WidevieW 2004 version 2.5 or greater
- WidevieW 1.6 for FSX or greater
- Widetraffic 0.99 or greater
- Key2LAN Universal 1.03 or greater
- Key2Mouse Universal 1.03 or greater
- QuickGOTO for FSX version 1.01 or greater
- FS SmartVIEW version 1.1 or greater

If you are using an older version of the above program, please download and install the latest release, following the links above or from the HOMEPAGE

If you still get the problem even by using the releases listed above, please download this file and copy it manually inside Windows root folder (typically c:\windows)

- In case the programs are unable to output files and data (for example, the options aren't saved or you don't see your airplane in Google Earth):

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have many security options, preventing programs to output data and write files onto your hard drive. They are intended to increase system's security, but are also very harmful to programs like FS Earth, creating unnecessary complications to end users. One of these security feature is called UAC. Please proceed as indicated below in order to deactivate the UAC:

1) First, check that no generic security options, like "read-only" folders are active (normally, they aren't)

2) Do the followings steps:

- Under Flight Simulator 2004, using ANY add-on from Luciano Napolitano, you must grant access also to hard drive's root folder (c:\). Thence, please repeat the above procedure for the root folder.
- Using Key2Mouse Universal and Key2LAN Universal, you must grant access to the folder where the application was installed into (typically c:\program files\...). Thence, please do the above steps for such folder.


This procedure is necessary because of features of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Please contact Microsoft or the retail store where Windows was purchased, should you have more specific questions about security options and UAC of Windows.

- IPX protocol with WidevieW and Widetraffic

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have no IPX protocol, please select TCP/IP in WidevieW and Widetraffic.