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Panoramic views in Flight Simulator by multiple monitors on a LAN

for FS2020 | MSFS | Flight Simulator X | FSX Steam | Prepar3D | ESP | FS2004

WidevieW sample configuration Flight simulator cockpit Large panoramic view created with WidevieW and Flight Simulator

WidevieW is a Flight Simulator add-on that can be used to create virtual cockpit with panoramic scenery view, up to 360°, using multiple monitors on networked (LAN) computer. There is no limit on how many PCs can be linked together, and each of them can be configured to show scenery, maps, Spot Plane or Tower view. View angles and zoom factors can be easily customized, to get images merging perfectly between the monitors or video projectors.

Widetraffic is an optional module for WidevieW which ensures AI and multiplayer traffic synchronization throughout the local area network (LAN), so the same airplanes fly at the same time and place on every computer. Since version 1.2, Widetraffic synchronizes also the airport vehicles and, thanks to a distrubuted client and server processing, improves the performance of Flight Simulator when lot of AI Aircrafts are displayed.

Get rid now of the limitations of multiple monitors connected on the same computer and use your LAN to expand your cockpit until space and budget allows! Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Flight Simulator X, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D (both 32 and 64bit releases), Microsoft ESP and FS2004.


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What is the best way to use multiple monitors with Flight Simulator?

Why use Flight Simulator on multiple computers in a LAN, when any modern video card supports multiple monitors on the same computer, is one of the most frequently asked question. This can be easily explained with a single picture that summarizes all:

Flight Simulator multiple monitors

As you can easily see from this picture, there are mainly two very important reasons to use Flight Simulator on multiple monitors in a LAN, rather than installing multiple monitors on the same computer.


Sample WidevieW cockpit

Built by users, using WidevieW to get a panoramic scenery view through multiple monitors on a LAN. More WidevieW pictures here.

Multiple monitors on a LAN on Flight Simulator Flight simulator cockpit
Turnkey Flight Simulator by FSC My own cockpit | Hardware specs

Panoramic scenery view by WidevieW and Flight Simulator Multiple monitors with Flight Simulator 2004
Courtesy of Steve Ferris. CBT Flight Simulator by Flight Simulator Center

Multi monitor in Flight Simulator Large view in flight simulator with multiple monitors
Courtesy of Peter Koller. Courtesy of Jaap Both.

Flight simulator multiple views Virtual cockpit with multiple monitors for Flight Simulator
Courtesy of the Wingspan team. Courtesy of Gerard Salden.


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