This is just a basic set of pages to show what I have done useing Wideview software, Multi Monitors and Fs2002 Panel Interior view Bitmap's. 9 PC's & 13 monitors. Server PC is a 2.0ghz AMD and has 1 Asus 4800se G4 AGP and when Motor flying 4 PCI graphic cards for the instrument panels..
All 8 Clients have AGP cards and are AMD 800 to 1.5ghz.
For help on setting up:..Tutorials


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DreamFleet Archer
Dreamfleet 737
Baron 58

My Ask21 Glider with 3 Asus 4800se G4 cards on the front 6 monitors, giving great downward landing view.
When you sit in front, all screens line up reasonably well...Windows XP on the 3 front pc's and 98se on the rest.

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