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Vintage flight simulator cockpit from the late '90s

Built with WidevieW and various releases of Microsoft Flight Simulator on a LAN

Below you will find a selection of vintage flight simulator cockpit from late '90s running WidevieW. At that times it was nearly impossible to build a flight simulator cockpit with panoramic views without using WidevieW, due to the very poor support of multiple monitors on the same computer and also because of the very weak hardware. But WidevieW is still widely used also today for a variety of reasons: first because the number of monitors that can be connected to the same computer is certainly not infinite, but also because multiple monitors on the same PC yet do not perform as well as a real multiple-channel environment based on a LAN and WidevieW.

So, let's see this selection of vintage flight simulator cockpits made possible by WidevieW. For more modern flight simulators relying on WidevieW, please google around and you will find a lot!

Vintage flight simulator

Courtesy of Luigi Giulio Rigato


Vintage simulator cockpit

Courtesy of Earl E. Rogers


Vintage flight simulator cockpit

Old flight simulator cockpit

The Wingspan Team

A ten monitors setup. Courtesy of the Wingspan Team: in the last picture, from left to right: Robin Caudill, Shaun Jolly, Evan Williams and Adrienne Foreman. Pictures by Terry Ritchie, The Technology Center, Fremont, OH, USA


Old simulator cockpit

Old flight simulator

Courtesy of Jaap Both


WidevieW with PIC-767 Pilot in Command, courtesy of Peter Koller


Courtesy of Danny Rowlands


Courtesy of Mel Ott, PFD, Inc.


Festa del Cel 1998

Festa del Cel 1998. Thanks to my Spanish friends Victor Romano and Fernando Cardona, from Barcelona, Spain.


Courtesy of Daisaku Shiina


Courtesy of Gonzalo Oyarzun


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