1)  If you don't have a Serial Number, buy it on line from
The purchase can be easily done through any computer connected to Internet. Once purchased, a Serial Number is e-mailed to your e-mail box. Please store this e-mail properly, as the Serial Number is needed for future re-installations.

2) Wait at least 15-20 minutes before proceeding below, to let the server to process your purchase accordingly (you must wait the indicated time, also if the Serial Number was already delivered to your e-mail box after purchase).

3) If the software that you wish to activate is still not installed, then install it now as indicated into Quick Start and Installation chapters on the user's guide.

4) If you are activating a software running under Flight Simulator, for added safety please do not use the “Full Screen” mode during the activation process, but run Flight Simulator in a window (press ALT+ENTER). Select Flight Simulator menu Add-Ons (FSX) or Modules (FS2004/2) - press ALT if you don't see the menu - then select software to activate => About and Register.
- For WidevieW 2004 only, click on the ON/OFF switch, once WidevieW is installed inside an aircraft's panel (see the user's guide for more information).
- If you are activating a software not running under Flight Simulator, just choose About & Register from the main screen or menu. The window below will appear.

If you are activating a software not running under Flight Simulator, run the software and select About & register from the main menu. The window below will appear.

5) Insert the Serial Number received by e-mail, in the provided box. When possible, to prevent errors, please copy&paste it from the sale's receipt, or take great care while typing it.

6) Click “ Manual activation via web browser from any computer ”. The following window will appear:

Select the appropriate option, depending if you would like to activate the software from this computer, or from another computer connected to Internet.
Click Next once the selection is completed.

7) An “ Installation ID ” will be returned, as shown below:

For now, click “ Cancel ” and click “ Register later / close ”. The activation process will be resumed later, and you may also close Flight Simulator or the software if necessary.

8) From a web browser, open . Again, this operation can be performed on the same computer, or from any other computer connected to Internet. The following page will open, please type here the Installation ID obtained at the previous step and then click “ Submit ”:

Should you get a “ Serial number not found ” error, make sure that the serial number was purchased at least 15-20 minutes ago and cross-check that it was typed correctly before obtaining the Installation ID (step 5). Also, cross-check that the Installation ID was entered correctly as well.

As soon as your Installation ID has been validated by the server, an Activation Key is returned and visualized in the above page. The Activation Key is a long code, used to actually activate the software. Write down this code, making sure to not make any mistake. For your convenience, you may copy&paste it inside a text file and save it onto a floppy disk or e-mail it, to prevent errors.

9) Enter the About and register menu again, as you already did at step 4. Click “ Manual activation via web browser from any computer ”. The following window will appear:

Select “ I already have an Activation Key and would like to activate now ”. Click next .

Insert the Activation Key obtained at step 8.

Click Activate to complete the procedure.