FSC Flight Simulator Center is your professional source for Flight Simulator hardware and software. The TQ Throttle quadrant is servo assisted with motors, so the throttle levers move when the autopilot moves them! Carries also a full line of high-end turnkey flight simulators based on FSX, X-Plane and Prepar3D. FS Earth acts as an interface between Flight Simulator 2004 and Google Earth, letting to follow a flight in real time, over the satellite images generated by Google Earth. Compatible with Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX. FS SmartVIEW for Flight Simulator 2004. Rotate and zoom the scenery view quickly, by natural movement of mouse, or by user's defined keys. MDMAX, the professional MD Super80 panel for Flight Simulator, is available. It has tons of unique features, some of them never seen before in a software of its rank.

Cockpit projects and general flight simulation resources: The Helistart web portal is targeted at all helicopter enthusiasts, from amateurs to professionals. Its main purpose is to provide knowledge about and encourage helicopter flying and simulation. Erik Viktor's Jet Flight Simulator The 767 Project


Interesting software for cockpit builders: Enrico Schiratti's Home Page contains a wonderful cockpit project and many additional utilities A lot of powerful utilities for cockpit builders and for everyone by Peter Dowson.


Interesting hardware for cockpit building:

6DOF Moving platforms, to use with Flight Simulator, car race simulators or custom applications. Special Virtual Image monitors, single or multiple window. A quick and easy way to interface USB Professional flight controls and custom panels Professional flight controls and custom panels


General Flight Simulation Sites: Large flight simulation software library, news, and much more. Large flight simulator software library, news, and much more. General news, forums, flight simulator downloads and more. Large software library, news, and much more.