General information and downloads

Key2LAN can be used to convert user-defined keypresses into mouse's actions or keystrokes, and to send them to remote computers. Users of multiple computers may find it useful for controlling software, for example simulated instruments and gauges, running on networked PCs. There are two versions: the first working as add-on module inside Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004; the second developed with Flight Simulator X in mind, but working also with most other software or games (for this reason, it is called "Universal").

How to create a new macro with key2lan

Above: sample shot showing the
construction of a simple macro

Key2lan on multiple computer

To download Key2LAN Universal click HERE
Works with Flight Simulator X and most programs or games
(last update: December 25th, 2007 version 1.06)

To download Key2LAN for Flight Simulator 2004 click HERE
(last update: February 27th, 2007 version 1.3)

To download Key2LAN for Flight Simulator 2002 click HERE
(last update: February 27th, 2007 version 1.3)

If unregistered, Key2LAN works for a maximum of three macros or 10 minutes of time; restart it to get additional time. This rule applies to "sending" computer only; "receiving" computers are free of charge, no registration required. To register, please buy a serial number HERE.


- From Flight Simulator 2002 to Flight Simulator 2004: FREE
- From any version to Universal: new license required.
- Important: macros created with Key2LAN 2004/2 can be used with Key2LAN Universal, there is no need to re-write them, although minor adjustments may be required to enable all the new features.