How to get rid of panel and cockpit parts on clients using WidevieW and Flight Simulator X SP1 update

It appears that using FSX SP1 it is no longer possible to get rid of panel & cockpit parts to get a "clear" outside view, because it activates the "Virtual Cockpit View" mode beyond some view angles, even if you are flying just in "Cockpit view" mode. To get full screen views without cockpit & panel parts on WidevieW clients or stand-alone computers, please proceed as indicated below:

METHOD 1 (applies to WidevieW clients only - WidevieW 2.0 for FSX required)

From FSX Add-ons menu, select WidevieW and View setup... then check the "Remove Virtual Cockpit parts from current aircraft" box. This method is not guaranteed to work with all the aircrafts (especially from third parties).


METHOD 2 (applies to WidevieW clients only - WidevieW 2.0 for FSX required)

A "ghost" aircraft, without panel and external wireframe, is supplied here. Please follow the instructions provided into readme once the file is downloaded and unzipped.


METHOD 3 (applies to WidevieW clients and regular stand-alone computers)

1) Run FSX and make sure that you are flying in "Cockpit View" mode (if not, set it to Cockpit View and save the current flight activating the "default" flight option). DO NOT leave yourt flight set into Virtual Cockpit View mode, otherwise you may get crash to desktop continuing this procedure!

2) Identify what aircraft is flying on your client (typically a Cessna or a Beech baron)

3) Close FSX

4) From MyComputer, open the folder where the aircraft flying on the client is stored. The typical path is the following:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\AIRCRAFT_NAME

5) Enter into "model" folder

6) Rename the file "model.cfg" to "old_model.cfg" (note: don't worry if you don't see ".cfg", it happens because your OS is not showing files' extensions)

7) Run FSX and test it. Doing the above procedure, FSX will not find the Virtual Cockpit files anymore, so the annoying cockpit parts will be kicked away forever.


METHOD 4 (less reliable, applies to WidevieW clients only)

1) From "Aircraft" menu of FSX (press ALT if you don't see the menu), select the aircraft currently active. This action forces an aircraft reload and resets the view angle to "front" view

2) Left click the scenery window anywhere to let the view setup menu to pull-down

3) Select menu "Cockpit" and make sure that "Cockpit" is selected (do not select "Virtual Cockpit")

==>> If "cockpit" was already selected, then select "Virtual Cockpit" and then "Cockpit" again.

4) Press W key cyclically, until getting a clear outside view, without panel & cockpit parts

5) Select FSX Add-ons menu (press ALT if you don't see the menu) -> WidevieW -> View setup...

6) Make sure that the view angle is set as required, then click OK

7) Save the current flight activating the "default flight" option, so that the same situation is presented at next startup