FS Earth troubleshoot guide
(applies ONLY to FS Earth 5.0 OR LATER)

1) Starting FS Earth Link, I get "Couldn't load Google Earth interface. Please make sure that..."

- Make sure that you are using Google Earth dated May 2007 or later, visit http://earth.google.com for downloads
- Try to uninstall and then reinstall Google Earth again
- Try to register Google Earth manually, as follows:

- Click Windows START menu and select Run / Execute
- Type the text here indicated in blue "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\googleearth.exe" /RegServer then click OK.
(if your Google Earth is installed in a different folder than C:\Program Files, then type the correct installation path where Google Earth is installed into. This case will easily happen with NON ENGLISH Windows releases)

- If none of the tips above work, despite of what indicated in FS Earth user's guide, try running Google Earth from its own desktop icon, then, once Google Earth is connected and ready to work, run FS Earth Link.

2) Starting FS Earth Link, I get "Error retriving process list..." or "Error retriving first process..."

- These errors are due to serious operative system failure. Please try stopping any unnecessary service or resident program, try also deactivating your antivirus. Make sure that you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista (compatibility with different OS not guaranteed).

3) Starting FS Earth Link, I get "Error retriving Google Earth process..." or "Error binding to Google Earth process..."

- Try what already suggested on the top of this page, at point 1)

4) While FS Earth is running, I get "Google Earth has encountered a problem and needs to close..." from Google Earth

This is an undocumented error produced by Google Earth.

- It may indicate that your system is overloaded. Please stop any unnecessary service and close as much resident programs as possible (see all the icons beside the Windows clock and terminate them). Also, especially if your video display card has less than 512mb of memory, decrease the detail level in both Flight Simulator and Google Earth. Resident programs, like Skype, are also prone to generate this issue. If anything helps, please try the following steps:

- Run Google Earth from its own desktop icon, without FS Earth Link active
- Open Windows Task Manager pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, then click the "Process" tab
- From the list of processes, right click "googleearth.exe"
- From the drop-down menu, select "Set Priority", then "High"
- Do not close Google Earth, run FS Earth Link now

- If you are using Google Earth on a networked computer, please make sure that the folder containing Flight Simulator on MASTER is shared as required AND has the write privileges activated (“Allow network users to change my files” option must be activated). See the "Quick start" chapter on the user's guide for full details.

5) I get poor performance and lot of stutters in Flight Simulator if Google Earth runs on the same computer

- Please be aware that you are using two highly video demanding applications on the same computer. To improve the performance, please decrease both Flight Simulator's and Google Earth video detail levels to lower values. This may be required especially if your hardware is outdated or your video display card has less than 512mb of memory. If you have two computers, use FS Earth in networked mode, which is much more enjoyable than single computer use.

6) Google Earth doesn't link to Flight Simulator and doesn't lock to my aircraft

- Make sure that you are running Google Earth via FS Earth Link (see Windows START -> Programs -> FS Earth) and not via Google Earth's desktop icon
- Make sure that you have selected FS Earth -> Start from Flight Simulator (see Modules / Add-ons menu; press ALT if you don't see the menu)
- If you are using Windows Vista, please make sure that you got rid of its useless & silly security protection on Flight Simulator folder. Please see http://www.wideview.it/windows_vista.htm


If the problem that you are having is not discussed here or nothing helps, please e-mail info@wideview.it with a detailed description of the situation, or use the support forum at http://www.wideview.it/forum


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