South Georgia
Grytviken and the whaler 's ghost towns

During the first half of the past century, several Norwegian whaling stations were operative in South Georgia and abandoned later when whales, penguins, fur seals and elephant seals were close to the extinction due to excessive killings. Today is still possible to vsit the ruins, as well as the tomb of the "Boss" Sir Ernest Shackleton, located in Grytviken.

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Shacketon grave

The Shackleton memorial in Grytviken. The grave is located in the whaler's cemetery.


Grytviken Grytviken - South Georgia

The bay where Grytviken is located. The cruise ship is anchored off the coast and transport is provided by zodiacs.


Grytviken - South Georgia

Penguins and fur seals can be found everywhere between the ruins on the beach.


Grytviken - South Georgia Grytviken - South Georgia
Grytviken Grytviken
South Georgia During my cruise to South Georgia, Grytviken was under maintenance, when several older buildings were removed.


Grytviken church Grytviken church
The church in Grytviken.


Grytviken library Grytviken library

Inside the church there is also a library, where the original books from the whaling era, are still stored.


Grytviken Whale processing in South Georgia
Whaling in South Georgia Whaling station in South Georgia
Whaling base in SOuth Georgia Norwegian whaling station
Whalers abandoned village

The machines used to process the whales. I frequently ask to myself how it was here, with all these machines operative and working...

Unfortunately, this activity did bring many animals, including whales, fur seals, king penguins and elephant seals, close to the extinction. The huge boilers were used to boil the animals in order to exctract the oil.


Grytviken museum Grytviken museum
Grytviken museum Grytviken museum
In Grytviken there is also a small museum about the nature and the history of South Georgia.


Grytviken museum Grytviken museum


Whaling boat
A whaling ship.


Leith Harbour Leith Harbour
Leith Harbour Leith Harbour - South Georgia
Leith Harbour - South Georgia Leith Harbour - South Georgia
Leith Harbour, a ghost town near Stromness. This village was used as a base for whalers processing Antarctic whales, and then abandoned later.


Ghost town in South Georgia Ghost town in South Georgia

Dozens of fur seals live between the ruins on the beach.


Whalers station in South Georgia Stromness

The ghost town of Stromness, with many Gentoos and fur seals.


white fur seal white fur seal

A white fur seal.



Land of Fire


Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is the gateway where the ship to Antarctica departs and returns. I take advance of a free morning, to visit "Tierra del Fuego" National Park. GO

Prof. Molchanov

Presentation of the ship Prof. Molchanov

Because of her small size and versatility in icing conditions, this ship, with a capacity of just 50 passengers, is ideal to navigate the southern ocean and the Antarctica peninsula. GO

Glacier in Antarctica

Antarctica: Paradise Bay

The first zodiac cruise and landing in Antarctica is made at Paradise Bay, near the closed Argentinian station of Almirante Brown, where there is also a nice colony of molting Gentoo penguins. GO

Pack ice

Antarctica: Lemaire Channel

This narrow passage separates Antarctica's mainland, with the nearby islands. The severe icing conditions, with a 10/10th pack ice, weren't an obstacle, and the ship passed through beautifully. GO

Gentoo penguins

Antarctica: Port Lockroy

In Port Lockroy there is a British station with a working post office, and a nice colony of Gentoo penguins. GO

Fur seals

Antarctica: Neko Harbour

A place of amazing beauty, with huge glaciers and icebergs, full of Fur seals and Gentoo penguins everywhere. GO


Antarctica: Orne Island

Orne Island is surrounded by nice blue icebergs, and it is the place where I met the Chinstrap penguins for the first time. GO

Deception island

South Shetland: Deception Island

We disembark at Whaler's Bay, where a Norwegian whaling station was active, until a disruptive volcanic eruption happened. Today is still possible to visit the station's ruins and take a nice hike all around. GO

Molting penguin

South Shetland: Half Moon Island

Half Moon Island is so called because of its shape, and it is interesting for the presence of a vast colony of Chinstrap penguins. GO

Elephant Island

Elephant Island

We are fortunate enough to set foot at Point Wild, where part of the Shackleton's expedition members camped, waiting for a rescue. GO

Elephant seal

South Orkney : Shingle Cove

A nice and welcome short stop during the long way between Antarctica and South Georgia. Here there are many, very colorful icebergs and a lot of Fur and Elephant seals. GO

King pengiun

South Georgia : Royal Bay

Our first landing in South Georgia is close to an enormous colony of King penguins, an absolutely stunning view. GO

South Georgia

South Georgia : St. Andrews Bay

If the yesterday view was stunning, what to say about today's, where about 100.000 couples of King penguins live all togheter in this huge colony? GO

Sir Ernest Shackleton's grave

South Georgia : Grytviken and the whaler's ghost towns <YOU ARE HERE>

During the first half of the past century, several Norwegian whaling stations were operative in South Georgia, and abandoned later. Today is still possible to vsit the ruins, as well as the tomb of the "Boss" Sir Ernest Shackleton, located in Grytviken.


South Georgia : Fortuna Bay and Prion Island

They are interesting for the beautiful views, for the presence of penguins, fur seals and, in Prion Island, for the giant albatross. GO

King cormorant

Falkland Islands

The capital Stanley and other points of naturalist interest are our last landings, before heading back to Ushuaia, saying goodbye to the southern ocean. GO

Austral MD-80

Various pictures from the trip to Ushuaia

Some picture from the long trip to Ushuaia, via Madrid and Buenos Aires. GO

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10

Equipment used on this Antarctica cruise

A brief description of the equipment used to take the pictures, throughout this Antarctica voyage. GO




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